Guitar and Bass Lessons:

Playing Guitar and Bass on Stage

Janak has coached students from beginning guitar or bass to stage performance.

Play Favorite Songs – Rock your Rhythm – Electrify an Audience

“You’re a genius the way you arrange a song I like so I can play it in the spirit of the original!”   
— Doug McPherson

“I’ve been Janak’s student from zero to barre chords. He has a very purposeful methodology for building skills, while learning really fun songs along the way.  Every week is rewarding because skills that seemed impossible when they’re introduced come easily within a couple weeks.   

The variety and progression by which skills are introduced simply cannot be reproduced in a self-taught environment.  I highly recommend Janak to anyone looking to learn guitar from the ground up! Thanks for the great program…I couldn’t have done this on my own!”   — Forbes H


Guitar Instruction:
Janak Ramachandran’s guitar instruction technique is specially designed to take anyone from their first notes and/or chords to either playing in a band or becoming a one-man or one-woman band.  His work at the Blue Bear School of Music includes a guitar curriculum with more than five years of developed class material.  Many students seek him out for his ability to render favorite songs into a form that is accessible to each student’s skill level.  He is also the first choice for students who want to learn to play and sing together.  When Janak is not playing in a band, he is a one man band himself at local spots and party events.

Bass Instruction:
With bass instruction, Janak has developed a technique that encompasses both rhythmic and melodic bass playing.  Though playing the bass can seem akin to playing the guitar, there exist a number of important distinctions from both a musicianship and technique perspective.  Janak can guide your fingers from taking their first ‘walk’ on the bass to being the musical ‘glue’ of a gigging band.  Janak also has extensive experience playing and singing bass while fronting a band so, for those who aspire to sing and play on the bass, Janak is a one-stop shop.

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To set up a Guitar or Bass lesson please send an email to Janak.