Songwriting Lessons:

Teaching Songwriting

Teaching Songwriting in the home of a 5 year student

Learn to Write Songs & Unlock Your Creativity

“…I love working together to bring forth my artistic vision…our lesson is the highlight of my week!”

— Kerry

Songwriting is the key to unlocking the secrets of your own soul and giving it as a gift to yourself and the world!  Have you ever wanted to write your own song?  Have you started the creative process and have musical ideas that are longing to become complete songs?  Or have you developed complete songs but would like to move your songwriting to the next level with a dose of music theory or songwriting techniques designed to unleash your musical creativity in new directions?

Janak has a unique ability to distill the essentials of music theory into everything you need to know to write your first song or to advance your current knowledge to more expansive musical horizons.  If you have some ability on one instrument and feel limited, Janak can provide the missing pieces and help arrange your song(s) for guitar and/or piano and/or voice (including harmonies).  Learn how to express your thoughts and feelings with the language of music!

To set up a songwriting lesson please send an email to Janak.  Songwriting lessons via Skype are also available.