Janak Singing

Janak Singing

Voice lessons to help you sound like a rock star

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“I just want to thank you for everything you taught me. It was my first exploration of how I might be able to use my voice, and you made it safe and fun. You are so knowledgeable. You’re an amazing musician and vocalist.”

— Chris DeLorenzo

“The advice you gave us in the private lessons before our big wedding party helped a lot. We did pretty well! Some of our guests said that they were deeply touched by the fact that we sang to each other. We couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without your help! You’re a deeply lovely person.”
— Stacy Nelson Hernandez


About Your Music Coach
In developing his voice lesson curriculum, Janak perfected his unique method of vocal coaching, which integrates the most important principles from differing schools of thought (including classical methods such as Bel Canto as well as Rock/Pop methods such as Speech Level Singing and Alexander Technique). 

On top of this fusion vocal philosophy, Janak layers his techniques for achieving an authentic vocal style.  In fact, Janak’s ability to produce rock vocals earned his bands the right to make the short list to play classic rock and hard rock radio station events like those of 107.7 The Bone.  In 2008, Janak’s band, Bottoms Up!, was the top cover band in a California battle of the bands competition.  His teaching credits include the children of Todd Rundgren and Linda Ronstadt as well as numerous local musicians in bands like Tainted Love, some of whom have studied with Janak for years.

Watch Voice Warm Ups [Video]

To set up a lesson please send an email to Janak.  Voice lessons via Skype are also available.

Children’s voice lessons:
Children’s lessons bring the beginnings of musicianship for your child in voice, guitar, and piano (bass also available for older children).  Parents can also request a program that includes introduction for their child to two or three instruments at once (e.g. piano and guitar, singing and piano or guitar, or all three).